Coronavirus and online betting — a match made in heaven?

Here’s how Coronavirus is shaking up the online betting world.


Watching Netflix, indulging in your exquisite music taste, or shopping online, these are all activities you can take part in while being self-quarantined at home with your TV and electronic devices. Alongside these activities is one of my favorites — online sports betting.

Despite all the major sports leagues having to shut down due to Coronavirus, there have been new ways for you to bet during your stay at home like betting on the actual Coronavirus and what it’s doing to the world.

In this article, I’ll tell you how the sports betting scene has been affected by the pandemic, why you should take part in online sports betting right now, the different ways to participate in online betting, and a plethora more!

How has Coronavirus impacted sporting events?

The coronavirus has affected and impacted sports in an unprecedented manner; many popular sporting events that fans have been anticipating for years have been unfortunately canceled or postponed. Some of which include:

  • The Olympic Games were planned to be held in Tokyo in 2020, but they were postponed until Summer 2021.
  • The NBA has suspended its current season as of now after a player tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • The NHL has temporarily suspended its hockey season.
  • Many more major sporting events such as Formula 1, The London Marathon, MLB, PGA, and others have all been abruptly suspended.

This goes to show that the sports industry has taken a huge hit and has lost billions… so far.

How has Coronavirus affected online sports betting?

In light of the recent events regarding Coronavirus, the online sports betting industry has taken a huge hit, as sporting events are unable to be held; meaning no games to bet on, which equates to a detrimental loss for the coming few months.

Stock prices have plummeted, and sports bettors are cutting back on their daily bets, which all negatively affect online sports betting sites.


Needless to say, the online sports betting sector has been heavily affected through millions of dollars lost in the process, while having to still entice customers to come back.

Nevertheless, there are still methods and strategies you can implement to help you earn a hefty income during these tough times when quarantined at home that will be showcased below!

Should you bet online despite the Coronavirus?


Despite the current ongoing issues, there are still numerous ways you can take home a substantial profit. Online betting sites offer fantasy sports betting, as well as different styles of betting, such as allowing customers to participate in coronavirus betting, which refers to predicting which events will be canceled, or predicting which countries will be affected. You can even bet on the chance of Donald Trump’s reelection.

These odd and bizarre times may seem like the worst time to start a new hobby or to embark on an uncertain adventure. However, most serious bettors will take a different perspective instead, and look for lucrative opportunities during these harsh times.

Why participate in coronavirus betting?

With the rise of new games and events to bet on, you can devise profitable strategies and methods. For instance, you could gain leverage when Coronavirus betting by constantly updating yourself on local news. You can also look further into scientific predictions and numbers to adjust what you bet on and what you think is the best prediction.

While the stock market is declining rapidly and the economy fluctuating, wagering on Coronavirus isn’t as bad as it sounds after all; with sufficient research and interest in making a solid income during the current virus, you might just come out on top!

Why take part in online betting when in quarantine?

Sports betting acts as not only something that allows you to seamlessly pass time when feeling bored but also as a hobby that could prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Right now is the best time to learn and participate in online sports betting as bookies and betting sites are offering more incentives for betting on their sites, as they are looking to attract more customers especially since the numbers are tanking as of late, due to Coronavirus.

Moreover, instead of watching TV, playing games, eating, and sleeping, you could dedicate a few hours to learn how odds work, how betting sites operate, and anything else that will give you the edge with your next bets. Make sure to check out our betting guides to do so.

Types of Coronavirus betting

 There are numerous betting opportunities that have arisen due to the coronavirus, such as:

  • betting on which country, continent, or cities will be affected
  • betting on which events will be canceled due to the virus
  • betting on how world leaders will react to the virus

There are many other ways to bet on Coronavirus. In fact, if Coronavirus is going to affect something, then the chances are there’s some way to bet on it. I personally have made some wild bets lately that I never thought I would make in a million years. It’s all about looking for the opportunity.

Benefits of coronavirus betting


One of the main benefits of coronavirus betting is the ability to strategically create plans and being able to heavily research on the topic; as it is a rapidly changing subject and odds fluctuate heavily, you can take advantage of this by spending more time researching and refining your approach and perspective each time you place a bet.

Another advantage is that information is widely available. Here at Betting Guide New Jersey, we have guides about all kinds of sports like baseball betting, soccer betting, and boxing betting to teach you how to bet. But sometimes finding the right stats to develop your strategy is time-consuming. If you’re a news junkie like I am, you probably have all the information you need to know to get started betting on Coronavirus.

Is coronavirus betting profitable?

If you are good!

Spending a few hours scouring the web and finding which events and countries that are going to be affected, might just be your best investment yet! Just like other forms of betting, there will still be risks, but there still are high chances of profiting large chunks of money from the pandemic while staying in quarantine using your smartphone or laptop.

Why now is the best time to bet online

Apart from the endless incentives given for joining online betting websites right now, online betting sites also allow you to seamlessly and effortlessly place bets from the comfort of your own home.

Going out right now isn’t the safest and in some areas, prohibited. Furthermore, betting online has become much more secure, competitive, convenient over the years and might even be the go-to way to place bets in the next few years.

So right now when there’s an abundance of time on your hands, you should definitely stay productive, and sharpen your online betting skills, try out Coronavirus betting, and continue your money-making journey in the vast world of online betting!

In conclusion

Amid the current issues with the virus, and for most of us, having to work at home, being able to take advantage of technology is what sets this pandemic apart from others; utilizing it to participate in online betting offers for fun and immersive experiences, that can earn you some much-needed cash in these tough times.