Don’t Miss Out On The Current Leagues!

New Jersey, although not all sport competition seasons might have started yet and especially the baseball season is missing, there are always more exciting leagues to watch, follow and of course bet on than you might think. On any given moment on any given day there are multiple interesting games, grudge matches and classics ready to be witnessed. Through sports betting and live betting you can get even more involved, because now it’s not just the teams pride and honour but also your money at stake! This gives you the opportunity to earn money while watching some of the most thrilling leagues, competitions and matches of this moment. 

In this article we will introduce you to the leagues and competitions currently available to bet on, so that you don’t miss out on any of the sports action and cool bets. 

Current Leagues for Sports Betting in New Jersey

In this news article, you will learn about the following leagues, now available for betting:

  • Football: NFL
  • Basketball: NBA
  • Hockey: NHL
  • Soccer: Euro Qualification
  • Mixed Martial Arts: UFC
  • Lesser Known Competitions

Football: NFL

Well, I suppose that we don’t have to remind people that the national football league is currently ongoing, but how can we skip one of the most exciting leagues of this moment? NFL is going strong, and every match offers a new betting opportunity and a new possibility of supporting your favorite team. NFL matches are also available for live betting on our recommended sports betting sites, giving you plenty of opportunities to make an extra buck during the game. Don’t forget that live bets can be very exciting and fun, for example the ‘prop bet’, where you put money on drive results. Will it end in a touchdown? A field goal? Or a turnover? Let’s put some money on it!

Basketball: NBA

The National Basketball Association is currently also in full effect. This is the basketball competition that people have been waiting for all year and stay awake for to not miss out on a single moment. And rightfully so, basketball, being the high-paced game that it is, constantly offers new opportunities to make bets and earn money accordingly. As the game moves on, you can witness which team might take the win and bet as the game progresses. Especially in the NBA there are so many different types of bets available that bets are sometimes ranked from easy to advanced and even expert bets. So join in on the action and get more involved with the NBA!

Hockey: NHL

The most famous and prestigious hockey competition is also ongoing as we speak. I’m talking of course about the NHL. The National Hockey League gives us not only a great sport and a lot of action to watch, but also another chance to win big on clever sports bets. NHL is also available for live betting, making it a very dynamic and adrenaline-rushing league to bet on. Every new moment during the game provides a new bet. Bookies change the numbers and live betting sites update their statistics according to which team started out strong and which team might drop in performance during the game. You can change your betting strategy accordingly and have better chances at winning your bet and making money!

Soccer: Euro Qualification

Let’s take a little trip to Europe and see what the action is like over there. More and more US and New Jersey residents are starting to take an interest in this very popular worldwide played sport. Currently, countries in Europe are trying to qualify themselves for a place in the Euro cup, one of the most highly respected leagues. Europian countries with world-famous players are competing against each other, and you can bet on every possible outcome to make some extra cash. As soon as you start watching you will understand why Europians are so in love with this sport and before you know it you will consider yourself to be a fan too. Do you already have a favorite team? Then why not express your support by placing a bet?

Mixed Martial Arts: UFC

UFC: This is where the heavy hitters come to slug it out in the infamous octagon. If you like the most intense type of action, grudge matches and madness, then this is the league you want to follow. MMA and the UFC make for excellent sport betting possibilities. You might have a favorite, or you might estimate the BBJ-fighter to have a winning edge over the kickboxer. The different fighting styles, personalities and backgrounds all influence the possible outcome of the fight. So why not place a bet? Our recommended sports betting sites offer excellent odds and very cool live bets. As one fighter gets knocked out, you might score the biggest win of your live. UFC doesn’t have a ‘fighting season’, but offers new bouts and cards during the year.

Lesser known competitions

As you can see, there is plenty of sports action to bet on at the current moment. Big leagues with world famous teams and players are active and competing. However, there are also lesser known competitions with very cool sports featured on online sports betting sites ready to take your bets. Here are a few examples:

  • Golf: Mayakoba Golf Classic and Hero Challenge
  • Tennis: Challenger Maia Match and the Davis Cup
  • Wrestling: WWE Survivor series
  • Handball: World Championship Women

And much much more. From darts to rugby and cricket to the olympics, for every type of sports fan there is a matching competition or league to bet on. Just follow us to make sure that you don’t miss out on any sports betting opportunities for New Jersey residents! Get involved and possibly make some money in the most fun way that we know of!

Current Sports Betting Leagues FAQ

  1. Where can I find the best odds for the current sports betting events?

Check our featured online sports betting reviews and our recommended sports betting toplists. Here you will find the best odds for current sports betting events. 

  1. Is online sports betting legal?

Yes! Sports betting is now offered legally to New Jersey residents. Just check for the official license on your website of interest and you’re all good to go. All our recommended sites are fully licensed and regulated.

  1. How can I find my favorite sport to bet on?

Pick a New Jersey licensed sports betting site on our website and go to the sports betting or live betting section. Here, you will find the different sports neatly categorised to type and league.