A Comprehensive Guide to Online Basketball Betting

How to Win Money Betting on Online Basketball


Basketball is a fast-paced popular sport. With its growing popularity, there has been an increase in basketball fans. Since there are so many basketball fans, there are many ways for people to experience the sport. Sure, watching is fun, but what about betting on basketball?

Since sports betting is a highly-established industry, it is no surprise that basketball is one of the most popular sports that people gamble on. We figure that if you are betting on basketball, you should know everything about it. And so, we have put together this online basketball betting guide. 

What can you find in this guide?

  • The best practices when betting on Basketball online
  • Types of online basketball bets
  • Advice to ensure success when betting on Basketball online.
  • Online Basketball betting FAQ

Benefits of Online Basketball Betting

The introduction of online gambling platforms creates accessibility and ease. This has led to a growth in the market. More people are open to using online platforms to bet on basketball for various reasons. First, there is the convenience and comfort that it allows. You get to gamble from your home, commute, or work and can perform other activities as you wait for the results.

You also get to save on money and time that you would incur if you opted for a live option. The travel costs would eat into your profits, reducing your winnings significantly. With online basketball betting, all you have to worry about is functional internet connectivity, a working device, and enough information to bag a win. 


Finally, there are numerous games, and you get to look through each one to determine the one that offers you a higher chance to win before betting on one. This accessibility also allows betters the opportunity to broaden their knowledge.

Types of bets in online basketball

You probably could guess that you can bet on who will win a game, both in the NBA and NCAA,  but did you know there are many more different types of bets in online basketball? Different platforms offer you a variety of betting options based on the league or event.

Here are some different kinds of bets you can make on basketball games.

  • Game total alternatives
  • Point spread
  • Double result
  • Outright win
  • Win group
  • Winning margin
  • Winning conference
  • Highest scoring quarter

You need to know what each of these types means before you start betting money. After all, you are betting to win, not only to have fun, right? For instance, one popular kind of bet is spread betting, also known as line betting.


When it comes to making a bet, the spread is often always in favor of the underdogs. The teams that are least likely to win have market bias behind them, and this should inform your game assessment. 

Those that decide to bet on popular teams do so based on their reputation. While this might work out sometimes, it often does not. Remember, when betting, go with the facts, not your emotions. Previous success can be an indicator of high prospects, but putting your money on a team should be well thought out. 

Tips for online basketball betting

Like any other form of online sports gambling, when you bet on basketball games, you need to invest both time and money to ensure you get the most out of it. You have the option to place small bets and roll those over into bigger ones. The following tips are crucial for anyone who wishes to make a considerable profit while online betting on basketball.


There is a vast scope that you should cover in this area. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules, competitions, and types of the game. To get accurate information, you could visit websites that hold expert opinions. Always be aware of online platforms where amateur betters share information based on trends since they might misguide you.


 We understand that sometimes popular opinions are not always correct. Therefore, if you do not wish to base your bet on other people’s views, we recommend analyzing the statistics. In our experience, previous performances provide big insight on future outcomes, and this might come in handy for both beginners and experts.

Make informed decisions

If you are a basketball fan, it is easy to get caught up in the loyalty you have for your favorite team. However, placing real money on online basketball betting means that you need to overlook your bias and focus on winning.

Rational decisions will keep you happy as you get paid for your bets. Just because you may bet against your favorite basketball team, doesn’t mean you’re not a true fan.

Be familiar with players

While the statistical data you get helps decide which team to go with, accompanying this information with an analysis of the teams’ reaction to losses and wins also goes a long way in making sure you make the right choice.

Teams are just a collection of players, so it helps if you keep an eye on what specific players are doing as well as the whole team. You can do this by catching up with news and watching several games a week. 

Confirm your bet

The excitement that comes with big games means a large number of people are placing their bets. This comes with a margin for mistakes.

Once you decide which team you are rooting for, the type of bet, and how much you are willing to spend, you need to confirm that all details are correct. You don’t want to win your bet only to find out that you didn’t bet as much as you thought you did.


Factors that affect online basketball betting

The temptation to base your bet on a team’s past performance is something that most betters experience. This, together with an inclination to support bigger teams, can be cause for tremendous losses.

From the different games we have watched and the bets that we’ve made (both winners and losers), we found eight critical elements that will impact the results of any game. Here’s what they are.

Drafts, trades, and transactions 

Make sure you are aware of the potential talent coming into a league, especially those who are likely to impact the teams they join. Whether they are signed, exchanged, sold, or play on loan, knowing who is joining a team allows you to factor in the idea of how well they will settle and how the adapting period will affect their performance.

Changing coaches

A new coach can impact a team either positively or negatively. As such, you should look into their experience, methods, and track record. Researching a coach is just as important as researching the players.


Individual performances and capacity pour into the outcome of a game. Injuries in key players lead to a change in the odds. You should think about how best to use the information to increase your chances of bigger wins.


Look at the number of points, fouls, rebounds, and blocks for each player. This should be for individual games and complete seasons. Delve further into their conversion rates, dunks, and free-throws to get a clear picture.


Basketball is demanding for players since they always have to be in an excellent physical state. That said, this demand comes with risks of player injury, exhaustion, and the need for substitution. 


Trust and respect are crucial elements in the success of a team. Each player should each be aware of the other’s strengths and weaknesses. Analyze the individuals in each team, their characteristics, and how their different styles of playing blend. Tension and conflict affect the game. 

Common rookie mistakes that you should avoid when betting on basketball online

The pointers we give in this guide are helpful for both beginners and skilled betters. Our experience and research should help you navigate the common pitfalls and avoid unnecessary losses.

The first thing you should steer clear of is betting with your emotions. Your passion for the game is appreciated, but you’re betting to win actual money. While it is difficult to bet against your favorite team, it will suck even more if you lose money. 

For every bet you make, you need to ensure that it is not beyond your budget. Show discipline. If need be, have a separate account for betting. Accept your losses, and don’t try to recover. If you do, there is a high likelihood that you will lose more money. 

Gambling while drunk is one of the best ways to make the wrong choices and end up spending more money than intended. You shouldn’t put your money where your knowledge isn’t. Don’t gamble because you feel like it. Most losses are a result of going in blind or doing it out of impulsion. 


Online Basketball Betting FAQs

  • What factors should I consider in my research?

    Drafts, trades, and transactions inform the potential of a team. The more the number of new players in a team, the riskier it is to bet on them. Also, look into coach changes, injuries, and statistics.
  • Is live betting for beginners?

    Basketball is intense, and the course of the game might change within the last few seconds. Therefore, it is advisable to ease into the betting scene through other types of bets before taking up the live option. If you go for it, half-time stats will inform the direction you take.
  • Is the idea of home court advantage real?

    For a while, this concept was highly regarded, leading to NBA policies that teams that wish to have play-offs in their home court needed to perform well in regular seasons. While a familiar atmosphere does influence confidence and comfort, the impact on performance is debatable.
  • Should I bet on basketball?

    If you like the sport and think you can make winning bets, then you should consider online basketball betting. However, if basketball isn’t something you are into, there are many other sports that we cover at Betting Guide New Jersey.