New Jersey’s Best Soccer Bets

Soccer has experienced a giant boost in popularity recently. With the US women’s team winning their fourth World Cup, Americans are tuning in more and more into coverage of the ‘beautiful game’. Not only can you bet online on the MLS or NWSL, but all foreign competitions are also available for your wagers.

Betting on your favorite team, no matter what the odds, is a fun way of showing your support for your organization, but not the most realistic. Here at Casino New Jersey, we not only want you to have fun but also make a profit from your bets.

There are hundreds of wagers to be made on each soccer match. We guide you through the ones that provide the highest value and let you know which ones to avoid. Success won’t just depend on getting the best soccer odds but also employing the best strategies.

How to Make Money Betting on Soccer

The average bettor will quickly glance at some of the teams playing and decides their favorite based on previous experiences or advice they got from a friend. The serious money-making bettors look further than that. These guys aren’t betting out of misguided loyalty or word of mouth. They are betting for the sole purpose of making a profit. They will look at the two opposing teams objectively and research them.

For you to become one of those money-making bettors, you have to learn the basic bets and tactics. We will show you the best strategies, from the best bettors, to establish your very own betting strategy. 

What are the possible bets?

Let’s take a look at the most common bets you can make in soccer. Note that all bets, unless mentioned otherwise, are decided after full time (90 mins of play).

Win/lose/draw bets

  • Three-way Moneyline – A three-way Moneyline bet is the most straightforward variation you can bet on. You either bet on a win for the home team, the away team winning, or a draw. A draw is quite an unfamiliar concept in the US, and it often happens in soccer, with 1 in 3 matches resulting in a stalemate. Underdogs getting a draw is considered as a positive result.
  • Double chance – In double chance, you are placing a wager on two of the three outcomes described above. Your options are either; Home team win or draw, Away team win or draw, Home or Away team win. Because of the higher probability of winning, the odds on these bets are lower. This wager is great when you see the underdog getting a great result, which can be them both winning or drawing the game!
  • Draw no bet – Similar to a three-way Moneyline, with the exception that the draw is not an option. Here you bet on one of the teams winning, a draw will lead to a push, and you receive your wager back. Draw no bet is an excellent way of placing a low-risk gamble on a team with lesser odds.
  • Half-time /Full-time results – With this bet, you wager on the expected outcome at both half-time in the match and at full-time. Maybe you anticipate one team to win the game, but that it might be close in the first half. Extreme odds are in place for these riskier types of bets.

Over/Under bets

  • Over/Under goals – Much like an over/under bet in other sports, in soccer, you predict whether or not the total amount of goals scored between both teams in the match will be over or under the total provided by your sportsbook. 

The common over/under total for most matches in soccer will be over/under 2.5 goals. In this instance, an overbet will require at least three combined goals in the game, and an under bet will need two or fewer combined goals in the match.

  • Over/Under Corners – Much alike the goals over/under, but instead of the goals, you are betting on the number of corners in the match.
  • Over/under Cards – Once again, a similar type of bet as with goals and corners, but this time you bet on the combined total of cards (yellow and red) given out to both teams.

First/Anytime/Last goalscorer

Choose the player that will score first in the match, the last goalscorer in the match, or score a goal anytime in the game.

Live/In-game betting

Most bets on a game these days are placed after the opening whistle, as it enhances the watching experience. It can also give you bragging rights over whoever you’re watching with. Furthermore, all books these days allow you to cash out to make a profit or even partially cash out.

Future betting

Predicting what might happen in the future is another appeal of soccer betting, and getting it right so far in advance is very satisfying and potentially financially rewarding, of course. Predicting the top scorer of the season or the eventual champion correctly can pay out 5000/1. Note that this example is a highly unique case.

Soccer Betting Strategies

Now that you know most of the standard bets associated with soccer betting, it is time to go into some strategies that you can apply. Take note that no matter how many strategies you use, the most important one is the first on our list.


If you’re going to have more chance of success, then make sure you know the league and teams you are betting on. There is a high variance in league averages for all kinds of statistics. The percentage of matches resulting in a draw, the average number of games that go over or under 2.5 goals, or the average amount of cards in a game, all these statistics are different from competition to competition.

If you are looking into making more bets in a new league, look at the records and schedules of each team, get updated on their latest roster changes or injury lists, and make sure you know their current form.

It sounds daunting, but with the sheer amount of data available on the internet, you can quickly catch up with the state of the competition.

Betting against the favorite team

On the surface, this strategy doesn’t look too good. Why put your money on a team that is nowhere near as good as the opposition? Placing your money on the team that is dead last in the leagues’ ranking versus the top dog might seem crazy. However, it’s not as ridiculous as it may first appear.

Betting against the favorite team is a soccer strategy that is dependent on your analysis of the situation. Top-teams are sometimes playing multiple fixtures a week, and some of them are more important than others. Let’s take a look at the following example:

It’s the end of the season, and FC Barcelona is comfortably in first place in La Liga (the Spanish regular-season competition). They are also competing in the semi-finals of the Champions League (the biggest tournament in Europe). On Sunday, they play against a weak team in La Liga, and a few days later, their Champions League semi-final is coming up. To save their strongest players for the decisive match, they might play their B-team during the La Liga match, giving the opponents a significantly better chance of beating them. These situations provide the biggest opportunities for an underdog to upset the favorite.

The Asian Handicap Strategy

Also called the Asian Lines, this type of bet is excellent to use when the outcome of the game looks obvious, and its odds reflect that. If a strong team plays at home against a weak side, the chance of the weak team winning is minimal. So, you could put your money on the strong team, which is rather pointless, as the odds will be so negligible that you’ll probably just about get your wager back. You could also bet on the weak team with higher odds, but the chance of winning is pretty remote. At these times, the Asian Handicap Betting Strategy comes into play.

All the Online New Jersey bookmakers offer Asian Lines odds, and it makes the game much more exciting to bet on. In summary, it will put a goal handicap on the teams. We will take the following example to explain what this handicap implies.

Let’s say Chelsea is playing against Aston Villa. It is quite a pointless bet, seeing that Chelsea has a way bigger chance of winning than Aston Villa. When Chelsea has a handicap of -2.5, it becomes much more enjoyable. Then, if you place a bet on Chelsea to win the match, it is effectively starting the game with -2.5 goals, so to beat Aston Villa, it would need to win by three goals. Similarly, if you put your money on Aston Villa, as long as Chelsea don’t beat them by three goals, Aston Villa wins with this strategy. Asian handicap makes a bet much more even and gives better odds for Chelsea and more chance of a win for Aston Villa.

But what if the handicap is -2 and Chelsea wins by two goals? Then, according to the handicap, it’s considered a draw. Another benefit to the Asian Lines Strategy is that when the outcome is a draw, it results in a push, and you get your wager back.

Scorecast / Wincast strategy

Scorecast and wincast strategies are where the biggest potential for profits lies. They have a high risk and high reward. They are slowly and steadily becoming more popular in the world of Online Sports Betting. How do you use these strategies?

The Wincast

Well, firstly there’s a wincast bet. With this, you make bets on two different events during one match; you may predict the overall winner of the game alongside the person who you believe will score a goal in the game. Now, your bet will only win if both of your predictions come true.

The Scorecast

The scorecast event is very similar but takes the concept a little further. Not only do you have to guess who will win and who will score the last/first goal, but you have to predict the actual score of the match also accurately.

  • To explain how this works, let’s look at the following example.

Imagine Juventus is playing against A.C. Milan. You could make a wincast bet that Juventus will beat Milan and that Ronaldo will score once in the match. When both of these instances happen, you win your bet. However, if Juventus loses or draws, or if Ronaldo remains goalless, you don’t win.

Should you place a scorecast bet on this, then you can wager on Juventus winning the game 3-0 and Ronaldo scoring. To win this bet, it’s not enough for Juventus to win with Ronaldo scoring. To win your bet, Juventus needs to win 3-0, and Ronaldo needs to score in the game.

These betting strategies are not for the faint of heart. They are more than just ordinary bets. The odds of these types of stakes are higher than many other types of bets. It requires a lot of knowledge of the game and the current situation of the teams to accurately assess if this bet will net you a profit.

If you take the time to do your studies and if you are brave enough to place the bet, then this strategy could reward you well. This is a high risk, high paying football betting strategy. The scorecast is not for a bettor merely reliant on a lucky guess.

Soccer Strategy FAQ

  • How can I find the best betting odds?

    Take your time and look around different sportsbooks. The variation in odds are often minimal but can make a difference in the long run.
  • Is soccer the best sport to bet on?

    Soccer has the most popular tournament of the world with the World Cup, so it certainly has the fame surrounding it. But there is no ‘best’ sport to bet on. When soccer is your favorite sport and you want to try out sports betting, start with this wonderful game. If you like another sport more, bet on that!
  • How old do I have to be to bet on sports in New Jersey?

    The minimum age for online sports betting is 21 years old.