Boxing Betting Guide

The sport where two people face each other and test their physical capabilities, and arguably one of the oldest sports humankind has ever known: boxing. As an essential part of the online sports betting community, boxing is a sport that knows many different strategies. The rush of an exciting boxing match, is the same kind of rush that successful sports betting can bring you. We want you to succeed as a sports bettor, that’s why we will educate you about betting boxing. How does boxing betting work, what kind of strategies are there, and what they can do for you? Ready to start winning? Read this expert guide!

What are boxing betting strategies?

Bookmakers always attempt to come up with lots of elements in a match for you to bet. With each additional bet that you can make there comes a new strategy. Some sports bettors prefer to keep it simple and only bet on a winning party, where others play more long-term bets and predict the winner of the championship. In boxing, there are not that many different strategies, making it less complicated for you. The moment you find the right strategy, you are one step closer to becoming a winning sports bettor.

How does a boxing match work?

Two fighters meet inside the middle of a raised square platform that’s surrounded by ropes, the referee brings the fighters together, explains the rules, and from that moment on, it’s fighting time. The exact rules vary per organization, but some common facts of boxing;

  • Usually, there are 8 to 10 rounds of 3 minutes each where both fighters attempt to score as many points as possible by successfully landing punches. 
  • There is a jury that keeps track of the score and eventually decides who won the fight. 
  • Early stoppage can happen when one fighter knocks out the other and is unable to continue the fight. 

Different kinds of outcomes in a boxing match

The one thing sports bettors look out for the most is the actual outcome of the game. In boxing betting, it’s no different. Simply put, there are five possible outcomes to a boxing match;

  1. Fighter A wins by scoring the most points
  2. Fighter B wins by scoring the most points
  3. Fighter A wins due to stoppage by the referee 
  4. Fighter B wins due to stoppage by the referee 
  5. Draw – Both fighters end the match with equal points

Different kinds of boxing betting strategies

Each boxing match requires a different approach. When you research a fight, you have to consider going with one strategy or another. This decision all comes down to spotting patterns and knowing the fighters before the match starts. In New Jersey boxing betting, these are the two most common bets; 

  • Moneyline – You bet your money on the fighter that will win the fight
  • Over/Under – You bet your money on the amount of rounds the fight will last

Boxing betting moneyline strategy 

With the moneyline boxing betting strategy, you bet your money on the fighter that you see as a winner. It does not matter in which way your fighter wins the fight, if the referee decides your fighter won, you win! You might wonder, how do I approach this strategy?

  1. See which fighter is the favorite based on the odds
  2. Start doing research;
    What are the strengths and weaknesses of the fighters?
    What are the differences between the two fighters?
    What does the media say?
    What are they fighting for?
  3. See if there are any active promotions
  4. Place your bet and enjoy!

Boxing betting over/under strategy 

With the over/under boxing betting strategy, you bet your money on the number of rounds the fight will last. With this strategy, it does not matter which fighter wins the battle. All that matters is the number of rounds the total fight lasts. We have the perfect approach for this strategy;

  1. See how many rounds the bookmakers think the fight will last
  2. Start doing research;
    Is there a clear favorite in the fight?
    Are both fighters known for their endurance?
    What does the media say?
    What are they fighting for?
  3. See if there are any active promotions 
  4. Place your bet and enjoy!

Alternative boxing betting strategies

We want to show you the diversity of the boxing betting world as it can get pretty exciting. Here is a list of elements in a boxing match you can bet on;

  • Method of victory (Knockout or points)
  • Gone in 60 Seconds (Fight ends in 60 seconds)
  • Exact round the fight will stop 
  • Fight going to ‘The distance’ (Match ends after all rounds) 
  • To be knocked down (One of the fighters, no matter which round)
  • To be knocked down and win (One of the fighters, no matter which round)
  • Both fighters being knocked down

How boxing betting odds work

You now understand the different types of bets you can make, so let’s have a look at the odds. There are many kinds of odds in sports betting. In order to understand them, we have written a detailed description of sports betting odds. We focus on New Jersey sports betting, so we use the American style of odds. In boxing it can look something like this;

Anthony Joshua -230
Dillian Whyte +240

Over 8.5 (-180)
Under 8.5 (+150)

How to read boxing betting odds

With previous examples we will explain how to properly read boxing betting odds;


Anthony Joshua -230
Joshua is the favorite → You need to bet $230 to win $100 ($330 in total)

Dillian Whyte +240
Whyte is the underdog → You need to bet $100 to win $240 ($340 in total)


Over 8.5 (-180)
The match is favored to last longer than 8.5 rounds → You need to bet $180 to win $100 ($280 in total)

Under 8.5 (+150) The match is favored to last no longer than 8.5 rounds → You need to bet $100 to win $150 ($250 in total)

How to choose the best bookmaker for boxing betting

Well done, you are now aware of some of the best boxing betting strategies out there. You know how to read the odds and how to do your research for a fight. Now, you have to find the right sportsbook to match your needs. In boxing betting, these are the criteria a sportsbook should meet;

  • Wide variety of boxing matches in different leagues and countries
  • Enough volume to handle large bets (Go big or go home)
  • Active promotions and bonuses 
  • Special events for much-anticipated fights

The best bookmakers for boxing betting

It can be challenging to choose the right bookmaker as there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. Let’s be honest here; you do not have the time to check each and every New Jersey sportsbook, but don’t worry. You don’t have to; we already did the research. Simply go to our review page and find the right sportsbook for all your boxing betting needs. You can strategize all you want, but it starts with finding the right sportsbook that takes care of you the right way.

To conclude

Boxing is a fight of the fittest, a battle of strength and endurance. In this sense, it has many similarities with sports betting. Some games will end in ways you could not foresee, and you will face significant challenges. We believe that with the right strategy, boxing betting can be both extremely fun and rewarding. Are you ready to meet some obstacles and survive the fight of the fittest? Then boxing betting is the right thing for you. As Rocky Balboa once said;

  • “Our greatest glory is not in falling, but rising every time we fall.”

Boxing Strategy FAQ

  • How does boxing betting work?

    To be successful at boxing betting, you need to find the right strategy, do proper research and have a good functioning sportsbook.
  • What are the different kinds of boxing betting strategies?

    In boxing betting, the most common strategies are betting on the winning fighter, moneyline, or the number of rounds; over/under.
  • What are the best bookmakers for boxing betting?

    We have selected a list of bookmakers that are most suitable for boxing betting in New Jersey, you can find them in our top list.