Rugby Betting Guide

One of the sports in this world where strength is measured and the real athletes stand out from the fake. In rugby, there’s no playing around. Anyone that steps foot in the rugby field has to give their all. Plus, they are willing to take a hit every now and then. Within the United States, American Football is a sport that’s more popular than rugby, but the betting strategies is where it gets interesting. To all those who have followed American sports their whole life, Buckle up, now is the moment to take a trip overseas and see what a game like rugby has to offer!

What are Rugby betting strategies?

As with any sport, there are tons of different betting strategies to choose from. In any game with a winning and losing team, there are opportunities for you to place a bet. However, because of the nature of the game and the immersive leagues, there are several other betting possibilities. Before we start, we would like to offer you a little refresher on reading odds and using odds to your advantage. 

  • Head over to the betting odds article and come back afterwards!

This will give you a headstart when going through with the article, to make sure you understand all the examples we provide. 

How does a rugby match work?

Before we can dive into finding the right strategy to bet, we should have a clear understanding of the sport. The essential ingredients for a typical rugby match are the following;

  • There are two teams with fifteen players each
    • Divided into forwards and backs
  • The players attempt to carry an oval ball to the opponent’s in-goal area
    • The game is all about fighting over the possession of the ball
  • Every match lasts 80 minutes
    • The team that scores the most points wins

Now, there are some slight differences between the Rugby League and the Rugby Union. However, these differences do not matter for the betting part of the sport.

How to score points in a rugby match

As the eighty-minute wrestling match for the oval ball commences, both teams will try to score points. Basically, you either bring the ball to the other side of the field or kick it through the goal post. To put this in an overview;

  • Try: Whenever a team manages to ground the ball in the opponent’s in-goal area
  • Successful conversion: Add points to a scored try by kicking the ball through the goal post
  • Penalty kick: After a team gets a penalty, and the team kicks the ball through the goal post
  • Drop kick: Whenever a player drops the ball on the ground and kicks it through the goal post

Different kinds of rugby betting strategies

As you might realize, the different ways of scoring points in a rugby match lead to different types of betting strategies. The most common betting strategies in rugby are;

  • Betting against the spread
    • Also known as handicap betting
  • Over/Under 
    • Also known as total points betting
  • Winning margin
    • Also known as Five-Way market

There are tons of options that are comparable to other markets. As with any competition, you can always bet on the team winning the championship, for example the world cup. You can bet on overtime, player to score the most points, and the number of fouls made by a team. You name it, and there’s a market for it.

Rugby betting moneyline strategy 

We want to guide you in making the right decision when it comes to sports betting. To help you with the moneyline strategy in rugby, you can follow these steps; 

  1. See which team is the favorite based on the odds
  2. Start doing extensive research;
    1. How is the team performing this season?
      1. See what they did against previous opponents
        1. Were these strong opponents?
    2. Are any of the strong players injured?
    3. What does the media say?
    4. What is at stake?
  3. See if there are any active promotions to boost your odds
    1. See our promotions page to be sure
  4. Place your bet, keep a close eye on the match and enjoy!

Rugby betting over/under strategy 

Choosing the winner of a match can be pretty doable with the right amount of research. Betting on the total amount of points, however, can be more challenging. We want to provide you with some key elements to look at when betting on this strategy;

  • Check the current form of main try-scoring players in the team, their main kickers.
  • Check the weather conditions
  • Rugby matches with lots of rain tend to end up with a lower amount of total points. 
  • Check whether the teams are an even match. The more significant the difference, the higher the chance for a big amount of points
  • Check if there are any injuries

How to read rugby betting odds

To give you a clear understanding of how to read the most commonly used rugby betting odds, you can use this example;

  • Moneyline
  • Glasgow Warriors -1667
  • Stade Rochelais +800
  • Glasgow Warriors are the clear favorite here. You need to bet $1667 to win $100
  • Over/Under
  • Over 42.5 (-152)
  • Under 42.5 (+120)
  • The sportsbook expects more than 42.5 points. You need to bet $152 to win $100

These are just two examples; in practice, there are tons of variations to the odds. Odds can get pretty complicated, but with a little help from our betting odds page, you will understand all the available odds in no-time!

What to consider when picking your rugby betting strategy

Rugby is an exciting sport that thrives with adrenaline rushes all the time. To make your betting experience as impressive as the actual match, you should prepare. We shared some tips before, but you should never forget the following tips. 

  • Understand which competition you are betting on 
  • The rules may vary per league
  • Understand the team’s tactic and style
  • Are they more offensive or defensive, what about the other team?
  • Where is the match being played
  • Who has the home-playing advantage
  • Who is the referee?
  • Does he stop the game often?

How to choose the best sportsbook for rugby betting

By now you know what the sport rugby is all about, you are aware of all the betting possibilities and how to analyze a match, time for action! It’s time to find the sportsbook that works the best for your rugby betting needs. A small checklist; 

  • Friendly and welcoming user interface
  • Enough volume to handle large bets (When you’re sure, you want to be able to bet a little bigger)
  • Wide variety of rugby matches in different leagues and countries
  • Biggest leagues are the Rugby Union and the Rugby League
  • Active promotions and bonuses 
  • Would be sad to miss out on some free cash

The best New Jersey sportsbooks for rugby betting

We know that life can get pretty time-consuming, not everyone has all the time in the world to analyze sportsbooks to the extent that we do. We look at every single detail in a sportsbook and come up with a rating we find the best suiting. In the case of rugby betting, we look at more than the available markets. We prefer to look at the bigger picture. To save you all the effort and struggle of doing all the research, we invite you to check out our review page to find the sportsbook that works best for you. You do the betting, and we’ll take care of the research!

To conclude

Have you ever seen the ritual of the New Zealand rugby team before a match? They burst out in a dance while screaming out a song, the Haka. This builds up the energy required for a rugby match as they tend to get pretty intense. We hope to provide you with all the guidelines to make your betting experience as thrilling as a rugby match. As your personal Haka, the ritual of building up the tension, you should grab yourself a nice bonus along the way. 

Visit our bonuses and promotions page and grab a bonus before you start betting!

Rugby Strategy FAQ

  • What is the difference between American Football and rugby?

    The difference in rugby is that they do not wear helmets, no pads, and there are different ways of scoring points.
  • Can I bet on rugby matches using Paypal?

    This depends on the sportsbook you use. Most sportsbooks accept Paypal as a banking method, but not all of them!
  • What are the best New Jersey sportsbooks for rugby betting?

    After doing extensive research on all the sportsbooks that are allowed to operate in New Jersey, we created a top list with a ranking for each one of them.