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Online Banking Guide for American Express

American Express allows for individuals to use their online banking capabilities for a wide range of applications. The online banking world has developed rapidly within the past decade as higher powered and more intelligent technology has been produced. The old ways of peer to peer transactions within the walls of a bank are slowly becoming redundant with more efficient and easy online  banking services provided by American Express. Here we will have an in-depth description of online banking specifically on paying deposits with online bank transfers by American Express, and how online bank transfers work, alongside the security that online banking provides with American Express.      

Pros and Cons for Online Banking With American Express

  • A high level of security
  • World wide access with an internet connection
  • Depositing fees are zero
  • Do not need an American Express card to deposit with online bank transfer capabilities
  • Not all websites allow for online bank transfers as a form of payment for deposits
  • Online bank transfers to sports betting companies may take up to 48 hours to process by the sportsbook.

What to Expect in This Guide?

The guide will provide an understanding of online banking with American Express for online sportsbooks. It will give information in areas such as;
  • What is online banking
  • How to use online banking
  • The level of security that online banking provides
  • How to avoid fraudulent behaviour with online banking  
  • How to deposit and withdraw funds from sportsbooks with American Express
  • FAQs on deposit and withdrawal with online bank transfer through American Express for online sports gambling

What is Online Banking?

Online banking is an established outlet which allows individuals to carry out transactions from the comfort of their tablets, laptops or mobile devices. Online banking provides customers with the option to deposit and withdraw money through online bank transfers. The movement of money through this avenue allows peer to peer transactions through the internet where traditionally you would have to enter a bank and ask the person behind the counter to transfer money from one location to another. American Express allows for individuals to now pay online sportsbooks through online bank transfers which have several benefits. Mentioned in section: Advantages of Online Bank Transfers with American Express.   The new application of online banking transfers through American Express has allowed for safe and secure payments to occur on sportsbooks through their systems. Online banking allows individuals to;
  • Transfer money safely and securely
  • Keep a track of all transactions
  • Deposit funds to online sportsbooks
  • Deposit funds without a deposit limit
  • Zero fees when depositing to online sportsbooks 

How Does Online Bank Transfers Work with American Express?  

In normal circumstances to make an online bank transfer, you would require the account number and bank details of the individual you are aiming to make a transfer to. However, with American Express to deposit with a bank transfer a sort code or account number is not required and the beneficial factor of this is that the information of your payment is not stored with the business which allows for further transparency. Information of your payment will only be kept with the online sportsbook to which your deposit is made. When depositing online with American Express there will be an option to pay with an online bank transfer. Upon choosing this option you will be redirected to the login page of your preferred bank where you are required to verify your identity to allow for the bank transfer to occur. This adds a higher level of security to your money during the purchase or transfer.  Deposits made to sportsbooks from American Express are sent directly to the accounts of the company. To ensure the sportsbooks can then allocate your deposit to your sports betting account a reference number given to individual customers. The reference number must be stated in the online bank transfer within the reference section to allow the company to move the deposited funds from their personal accounts to your sports betting account. Instructions on how to deposit money through an online bank with American Express will be detailed in section: How to deposit funds with an online bank transfer through American Express.  

How Secure Is Using Online Banking for Online Sports Betting?

Security and safety is a top priority when the customer’s valuable money is involved. Online bank transfers are one of the safest ways to deposit money to a specific sportsbook without having to fear that your money will be lost on the way. When carrying out an online bank transfer with American Express, the company redirects you to the login page of your bank. This adds the banks level of security to your transfer. Banks take primary precautions through rigorous testing of their security platforms. The testing covers areas such as;
  • Login
  • Navigation
  • Encryption
  • Account management
It is essential to safeguard these areas, as hackers can access any loopholes that may exist. American Express show a high level of security when looking after customer assets. To ensure a further level of security is achieved customers can use the SafeKey verification system. The system allows customers to send a code to their mobile device or email address when carrying out a transaction. The transaction can only be confirmed with the verification code provided. Typically send to the mobile device or email address provided. The SafeKey system is a two-factor authorisation system which is provided by banks when logging into online accounts.

How to Ensure Your Online Banking Is Kept Safe

Online bank transfers are one of the safest ways to deposit money to a sportsbook. However, there are instances where fraudulent behaviour can occur. To minimise the chances of your online bank account being hacked there are a few precautions that can be taken. These consist of;
  • Not giving bank card details to people. Even if they claim to be from your bank provider
  • Do not give individuals online banking details. (Passwords or Usernames)
  • Do not log into online banking account without an up to date antivirus software
  • Always log out of your online banking account
  • Do not reply to any emails saying they are your banking provider
Innovation in technology has allowed for customers to log into their online bank accounts and sports betting account with their fingerprints or face recognition. Mobile phones and tablets will allow customers to have more than one fingerprint of face recognition saved on their devices. Adding further peoples fingerprints to your mobile device or tablet will give them access to your bank accounts and sports betting accounts if the option to log in with these parameters is switched on. Precautions are advised when using a biometric system to log into these accounts.

Advantages of Online Bank Transfers with American Express

The advantages of using online bank transfers with American Express are very beneficial for customers who look to deposit funds to online sportsbooks. Some of the advantages you can expect with American Express are;
  •  Zero fees when depositing with online bank transfers
  • High level of security
  • No payment information is saved with the business
  • Transactions will reflect on your bank statement  
  • You do not need an American Express card to deposit with online bank transfers.
These advantages make it very beneficial to use American Express as an outlet to deposit with online bank transfers. To carry out a bank transfer you would traditionally require the use of a sort code and account number. Pay with bank transfer by American Express does not require these details. When paying with online bank transfers you are required to log into your online bank account. During the depositing process, you are redirected to the login page of your prefered bank to authorise the transaction. This makes paying with online bank transfer easier as it requires less work for you the customer and the experience can be a quick and simple one if you are not so confident with using technology. The fees associated with depositing with online gambling are significantly reduced when carrying out online bank transfers with American Exchange. The administration of processing and online bank transfer is less than what it would be with the traditional depositing means. This makes fees lower, and gambling websites tend to waive any fees to entice customers to join the sportsbook. So here you would not pay fees with American Exchange or the Sportsbook when depositing with an online bank transfer.  

How to Deposit Funds with an Online Bank Transfer through American Express

Before carrying out an online deposit with online bank transfer provided by American Express it is essential to have an online bank account in mind that you would like to pay with during the transaction. You will also require an account with the online sportsbook as a reference number may be required for the deposit. This will make the experience of paying with American Express online bank transfer an easy and smooth process. The steps required are;
  1. Log into your online sports betting account.
  2. Select the deposit option and then select the transfer via online bank transfer by American Express option.
  3. Select an amount you like to deposit.  
  4. A confirmation for the amount in the transaction will appear.
  5. You will be redirected to your banking website for a security authorisation where you will need to log into your account.
  6. Once logged in, you may be required to input a reference number for your deposit provided by the sportsbook. This ensures the money is deposited to your account on the sportsbooks side.
  7. You will then be required to confirm the online bank transfer.
  8. Your deposit is complete and will take up to 48 hours to show up on your online sports betting account.

How to Withdraw Funds Through Online Banking

The withdrawal of funds through online betting websites is a simple and easy process. When withdrawing funds, you will need to follow these set of instructions;
  1. Select the withdraw option.
  2. Chose to withdraw with an online bank transfer button.
  3. Select the amount you would like to withdraw.
  4. Input your banking details. (Sort code and account number)
  5. Select Confirm Withdrawal.
  6. Wait up to 5 working days for your withdrawal to show up in your account.
These are general instructions on how to withdraw money through an online bank transfer. These instructions may vary slightly depending on the sportsbook of your choice.  

In Conclusion

Paying with online bank transfers American Express for online sportsbooks is an effective, safe and secure way to deposit funds on the internet. The process requires zero fees, no American Express card, no requirements of the sportsbooks sort code or account number, the business will not store any payment information, and there are no deposit limits when depositing with online bank transfers. These aspects combined make paying with online bank transfers through American Express a pleasant experience.  

American Express FAQs

  • What do I need to use the American Express?

    A bank account with the providers that are affiliated with American Express, alongside online capabilities.
  • What are the fees for paying with American Express?

    There are no fees associated with the service.
  • What are the security measures taken with American Express?

    When depositing, and paying with an online bank transfer the system will send you to your bank login page. The log in security that your bank provides such as a one-time password, or a secondary pass phrase will ensure security.
  • Is there a deposit limit for American Express?

    No. There are no deposit limits when depositing with online bank transfers by American Express.