Expert Guide on Discover Betting Sites New Jersey – Play today!

The Discover Card is one of the four premier credit card companies that you will find in the United States. Mainly seen as the less popular option out of the four, Discover is actually the third largest and – while less prestigious than the traditional trio – has tremendous advantages for using it.  Worldwide, Discover is a renowned player in the credit card industry. They experienced a rough start when they became the laughingstock in the media, mainly because of its origins, which lie with the retail outlet of Sears. Discover ended up being the last one laughing, as they quickly grew to become the third most widely used credit card in the United States. Due to some great partnerships with other banks across the world, Discover is now one of the most commonly accepted cards in the world.  Online casinos and sportsbooks are always looking to expand their payment method market, so Discover is slowly being implemented in the New Jersey online sportsbooks as a fully functional transactional method. Knowing that you want to stay up-to-date on anything online sportsbook related, we made this expert guide to give you all the ins and outs about Discover!

What’s in this guide

To give you the full picture of what to expect in the sports betting industry, we knew that we couldn’t just stick to betting guides and sportsbook evaluations. Information on the transactions and how to go about choosing a payment method are vital for a sports bettor like you. In this expert guide, we will share our knowledge of the following areas: 
  • What is Discover?
  • Why use Discover?
  • What can Discover do better?
  • How to use Discover at online sportsbooks
  • Our verdict of Discover

What is Discover

Discover card is a product from Discover bank, founded in 1985 by the retail-outlet of Sears. Despite being slightly behind the already rapidly establishing American Express and Mastercard, Discover came into its own fairly quickly. Their success is mostly  due to their overseas transactions, especially their the partnership with financial giant Unionpay (a Chinese banking company). Online purchases have always been something Discover wanted to establish itself further, especially when online casinos were legalized in the United States. Now they finally get to move to New Jersey, where some of the best online casinos and online sportsbooks are located.
  • Discover is an excellent alternative to the other banking greats
Now that we have piqued your interest let’s go in-depth on the many advantages you will experience by using Discover as your payment method of choice.

Why should you use Discover?

As is the case with many banks, Discover makes use of specialized services that stand out from the rest of the crowd. We have listed all the advantages below here;

– Cashback for days

Undoubtedly the most significant benefit of choosing Discover is the sheer limitless number of cashback rewards you can earn. Packages that feature a singular focus on the market can yield up to 5% cashback in some instances. These focuses can lie on restaurants, retailers, a collection of selected merchants, or get miles with every payment you make!  For us online bettors in New Jersey, these cashback bonuses look incredibly appealing. As the whole sportsbook market is relatively new, Discover is still adapting to it. Some variations of cashback are already in place, and we expect more of them coming in the future.

– Discover’s coverage in the USA

Did you know that Discover is accepted at more places than American Express? We didn’t either, and it is even more shocking that Discover is right behind Visa and Mastercard for most abundant availability. Although it doesn’t show quite yet in the online sportsbooks, Discover is getting more of a grip on the industry, slowly becoming one of the industry standards. The future will tell how many online casinos and sportsbooks in the Garden State will accept Discover, but we have high hopes!

– 100% US-based reliable customer service

Discover treats its customers like royalty, and you will definitely notice this when you reach out to them. One of the main reasons so many people stick with Discover is their incomparable customer service. They are always looking out to find a personal solution to any problem you might have. Some of the benefits that Discover customers can enjoy are the following: paying late won’t raise your APR, there is no foreign transaction fee, no over limit fee, and no late fee for your first late payment.

– No annual fee and no online casino fee

None of the Discover credit cards come with a yearly fee, which makes it a lot simpler to use, not having to worry about paying a fee each year. On top of the credit card not having any fee, most casinos that accept the Discover Card will not charge the player any fees when making a deposit.

– No other bank account needed

Discover is an independent banker, which means that you can sign up with them without having a separate bank account. The only thing they look at is your credit rating to evaluate your status.

What can Discover do better?

Just as it is the case with all other payment methods, there are also some downsides to using Discover over the rest of them. Seeing that we want you to have the full picture of what Discover has in store, here is the list of what Discover can do better at:
  • Online sportsbooks options are limited
So far, New Jersey has only a few sportsbooks that accept the cards from Discover. This unfortunate situation is a consequence of the initial hesitancy Discover showed when the online market first opened. Up until now, they haven’t caught up with the other transaction providers. Look at the list of payment options in a sportsbook before you sign up with them, some will mention all credit cards are accepted, while others will only list the ones they allow.
  • Interest rates and fees
Luckily Discover Card doesn’t charge an annual fee, but since they have to put some limitations in place. Their interest rates and fees are relatively high. One of these charges is that they impose a Standard Variable Purchase rate, which is usually a 3% fee for each balance transfer. Now that you get to the full picture, we hope you can easily decide if Discover is the card for you. If it is the card for you, then great! Let’s take a look at how you can use it in online casinos and sportsbooks all over New Jersey.

How to use Discover at online sportsbooks

Once you choose one of the online sportsbooks, and you own a Discover card, we just need to show you how to get started. 
  • Locate the banking page
At most sportsbooks, the banking page is easily found somewhere in the menu at the top, or anywhere on your account page. We highly recommend going through a browser to do this process, as it’s easier than it would be on mobile. 
  • Find Discover Card
Within this page, you should be able to see the logo for Discover. Perhaps you have to click the credit card option first before you see the option. Near the Discover logo should be a link to deposit now, click on that button.
  • Connect your account to the card
The site should have step-by-step instructions to funding your account at this point. Select the option you want, fill in the valid information, and click “Next.” Once the process is done, make sure that the deposit amount is correct.
  • Make your first deposit!
Great! You are all set to make the very first deposit with your Discover card. Be prepared to use the 3-digit verification code on the back of the card, too. This will tell the casino that you are the owner of the card.

Our verdict of Discover card

New Jersey is lucky to have Discover as one of their payment methods when it comes to sports betting. With their nationwide coverage and great cashback plans, Discover is a strong option to choose from. There are some downsides, especially in the number of sportsbooks that are currently offering Discover as an option. Take a look at our suggested options for sportsbooks that accept Discover, you will find them in a list above. All of the sportsbooks we recommend are highly reputable, and you can completely trust them. We wish you a great time betting on sports in New Jersey!

Discover FAQs

  • Am I allowed to use Discover in New Jersey sports betting?

    Yes, you are. Not all states opened up their doors for online sports betting, but New Jersey has, and Discover is thereby accepted as a payment method.
  • What are solid alternatives to Discover?

    Obviously, solid alternatives for Discover cards are mostly other credit cards. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in the state’s sportsbooks, with AMEX having a stricter policy when it comes to online sports betting. All of these banks charge an annual fee for their services, while Discover doesn’t!
  • Is it safe to use Discover cards at an online sportsbook?

    Depositing with Discover is as safe as can be. Be sure to check out our list of reputable sportsbooks who accept Discover.