In sports betting, you want convenience, security, and experience to be on your side, especially when it comes to depositing your funds. Say, you are about to add a little extra funds to your bankroll, but you are doubting which banking option you will use. You could go for the online wallets, or you could use one of the most trusted parties out there; MasterCard. Ever since the introduction of online shopping and later online sports betting, Mastercard is one of the most popular payment methods. With over 644 million MasterCard in the entire world, there must be a reason why everyone loves using them, right?

What to expect in this guide?

  1. What is Mastercard, and how does it work for online betting?
  2. What are the advantages of using Mastercard for online betting?
  3. How do you start using Mastercard for online betting?
  4. The available bonuses and promotions when using Paypal for online betting

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard has been around for many years, more than 50 years to be precise. Years before the bubble and before companies like Amazon ever existed. What started as one of many credit card companies grew out to one of the dominant payment providers in the world. In their statement they stand for;

  • Consumers – Safe, simple and smart purchase possibilities
  • Merchants – Faster, more convenient and secure customer experience
  • Governments & Public sector – Driving growth, create efficiencies and improve transparency
  • Businesses – Manage everything from purchasing to getting paid
  • Issuers & Other Partners – Driving payment innovation together and making life easier for everyone, everywhere

MasterCard for Online Betting

When you visit your local bank to get yourself a debit or credit card, there is a big chance it’s either a MasterCard or Visa card. There are millions of different merchants across the globe, accepting MasterCard, and their logo is one of the most influential brands that ever existed. This shows the trust between the customers and in the case of sports betting, the sportsbooks. The first thing many sportsbooks do when opening their doors to customers is integrating the acceptance of MasterCard. In the United States,  MasterCard is restricted in many states, although the following states do legally allow MasterCard;

  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey 

Advantages of using MasterCard for Online Betting

MasterCard is one of the most accepted cards around the world. Because of that, in sports betting there are many advantages when using a MasterCard;

  • It’s easy, quick and convenient (Most sportsbooks actually prefer MasterCard as payment method)
  • It’s linked to your bank account (You can track all incoming and outgoing transactions easily)
  • It’s connected to you with a personal ID number (Easy to block in case of theft)
  • The cash limits can be very flexible (Do you need a little extra cash, MasterCard can allow this with the credit function)
    • This is an advantage but a dangerous service to those who can not properly manage their betting habits

Types of card issued by MasterCard

One should be aware that MasterCard offers more than just a credit card. Multiple options might be interesting for sports betting. Prepaid MasterCard Deposit $100 – be able to spend $100. Leaving you with a clear overview of your spendings Debit Card Directly linked to your bank account – Have $100 on your bank account, be able to spend $100 Credit Card Indirectly linked to your bank account – Have a $1000 limit, be able to spend $1000 – Will withdraw the spent credit from your bank account each month Gift Card Similar to the prepaid card, but then in the form of a gift

MasterCard Customer service 

Whenever you run into an issue with your MasterCard when using it for sports betting, you have two options.

  1. The sportsbook’s customer service 
  2. Mastercard’s customer service
Please be aware that the customer service that MasterCard offers is limited. They can connect you to the issuing bank, but as they state themselves;

  • MasterCard doesn’t issue cards, but we can help you connect to your financial institution.
That being said, there is an option to get in touch with MasterCard whenever you found your card stolen or lost. You can reach out by calling their phone number.

How Secure is using MasterCard for Online Betting

One of the essential factors when making any transaction is the level of security. As a publicly-traded company, MasterCard works hard to ensure the safety and security of their product. The most dangerous part is identity fraud credit card scamming. To battle these practices, Mastercard uses the following techniques;

  • EMV Chip Protection (Security measure to ensure the chip associated with your card cannot be duplicated)
  • SecureCode (Security measure to ensure the safety of your confirmation code)
  • Card Validation Code 2 Services (Another security measure to ensure the safety of your confirmation code)

How do I start using MasterCard for online betting?

Do you feel convinced that MasterCard is your preferred option for sports betting? Let’s get you started. We assume you already own a MasterCard here;

  1. Choose a betting site that accepts MasterCard
  2. Make sure to check our bonuses and promotions page for any active bonuses
  3. Create an account
  4. Similar to step 1, see if you can benefit from any welcome bonuses
  5. Find your way to the cashier
  6. Provide the necessary details and confirm (Card number & CVC code)
  7. Pick the amount you wish to deposit Wait (Usually deposits are instant, shouldn’t be more than 10 minutes)
  8. Start placing your first bet!

How do I withdraw with MasterCard when online betting?

Let’s assume we can congratulate you here, you just made a nice profit and felt like it’s time to empty your account balance. There are a few steps for you to follow to secure your earnings;

  1. Find your way to the cashier
  2. Selected MasterCard as a preferred banking option
  3. Choose the amount you wish to withdraw
  4. Confirm and wait for the money to arrive. This could take up to 48 hours for the sportsbook to confirm and three business days for Mastercard to approve the transaction.
The use of MasterCard is exceptionally convenient. However, their security measures do mean the withdrawal time is longer than the alternatives.

MasterCard bonuses and promotions for online betting

The use of MasterCard has become so familiar to many sportsbooks that, in general, there are no exclusive bonuses and promotions for using MasterCard. However, with the convenience that comes along with MasterCard, it’s effortless to switch between sportsbooks. This allows you to benefit fully;

  • Welcome bonuses (Every betting site offers one)
  • Seasonal promotions (Switch fast and benefit the most)
  • Free bet promotions (Benefit from any active free bet promotions)
To ensure you do not miss any of these bonuses and promotions, you should keep an eye on our bonuses and promotions page where we keep track of all that you need.

Best Betting Sites for MasterCard Betting

MasterCard is a trusted partner for many sportsbooks out there. This means that you have to look further than the available banking options. We specialize in reviewing betting sites and enjoy doing so. On our review page, you will find the best-rated sportsbooks that we judge on many different factors. A couple of the factors that we use;

  • The available technology & functionalities focused on user experience
  • The availability and variety of markets
  • The available bonuses and promotions for new- and returning users
  • There are many more factors to use when picking a sportsbook, you can find them on our review page and pick your preferred sportsbook today!

To conclude

Whenever you are looking for a banking method that is easy to use and widely accepted, MasterCard is probably the best option. You should consider which kind of card works best for your needs, but MasterCard, in general, is a good fit for many sports bettors. We like MasterCard and think it can work for anyone, everywhere, and whenever you would like to. However, do make sure you do a little research beforehand. You don’t want to be that person that misses any promotions or bonuses just because you forget to dig a little deeper.

Mastercard Betting Sites FAQ

  • What are the fees for using MasterCard?

    This depends on the issuing party. It’s usually an annual fee of as little as $25. Transactions do not have any extra fees. However, online sportsbooks may charge fees.
  • Am I allowed to use Mastercard in New Jersey sports betting?

    Yes, you are. In many states in the United States, the use of MasterCard is prohibited, but in New Jersey, you are free to use a MasterCard
  • How secure is Mastercard for depositing funds?

    Very secure. Usually, any transactions performed with a MasterCard comes with insurance by the issuing financial institution, and you can claim a refund at any time.