Online Bank Transfers

Online Bank Transfers Guide for New Jersey

Online banking is an established means to access a bank account, and carrying out several transactions through the internet. The transactions are generally carried out using technology such as phones, laptops and tablets, connected to the internet. The convenience of online banking has allowed millions of people to carry out transactions from the comfort of their homes, for several purposes. Traditional banking was established in 1872. With the development of the internet, the online aspect of banking has taken over and is capable of allowing you with access to your account anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Pros and Cons for Online banking in the Betting Industry


  • A high level of security
  • Worldwide access with an internet connection
  • A log of transactions made
  • Higher deposit limits
  • Zero Fees


  • Time-consuming. It can take up to 48 hours to receive your money in your account

What to expect in this guide?

The guide will be tailored to give a general understanding of online banking as a whole, and it will provide information in areas such as;
  • Online banking through bank websites
  • Security of online banking
  • How to ensure your money is safe
  • The advantages of online banking
  • A guide on how to carry out transactions online

What is Online Banking?

For two decades banking has always been carried out within a solid building where transactions occurred in a face to face manner. The movement of money through these institutes was never carried out by the person themselves, a person behind a desk was always pushing the buttons. With the establishment of online banking, it is now possible to carry out your own transactions without going to the bank and having to meet an individual face to face, where unwanted questions may be asked. Online banking is beneficial within the New Jersey betting industry, as it allows for a safe and secure way to make payments to the website. Online banking allows customers to;
  • Deposit funds safely
  • Provide a transaction history
  • Keep track of funds easily
  • Receive withdrawals easily

How do online bank transfers work?

When depositing funds to a New Jersey bookmaker, a bank transfer allows for the individual to log into their online banking account and input the depositing details of the New Jersey bookmaker and transfer the money directly to the maker. This makes the system very secure, as you first must log in to your online banking account through your bank provider. (Further information on bank security in next section) The New Jersey bookmaker will provide individuals with a specific reference number that must be stated in the transaction. This makes the process time-costly as the bookmakers must process the transfers made to their companies account and input the value onto pundits online betting accounts. Instructions on how to set up and complete an online bank transfer to a New Jersey sports betting website can be seen in the section titled: How to start using online bank transfers for online betting.

How Secure Is Using Online Banking for Online Betting?

The online banking industry is extremely secure. The movement of money through bank transfers requires validation and authorisation from the individual making the bank transfer. There are several securing encryptions put in place combined with security layers which ensure that the money transfer is carried out with complete trust by the company. In some cases, the only way for bank transfers to go wrong would be if from fraudulent behaviour, where card details are taken from the user and money is taken from their accounts without proper authority. The transactions made are controlled by the banking provider. The banking company will process the transaction and send it through all the necessary procedures and checks to ensure the money safely reaches its destination, in this case the New Jersey bookmakers. This makes bank transfers some of the most secure methods to deposit money to online betting websites wherever you chose to use them around the world. Many banks will ask for a two-factor authorisation to access accounts; this ensures that an extra layer of security is reached to reduce fraudulent behaviour and ensure customers’ accounts are kept in safe hands. Similarly, when depositing high sums of money to betting websites, a secondary message may come up to enter a code sent to your mobile device, to ensure that you are the person in fact making the deposit. Online banking systems go through testing which analysis each step of security. The steps of security tested are;
  • Login
  • Encryption
  • Account management
  • Navigation and logout

How to Ensure Your Online Banking Is Kept Safe

To reduce the chances of online banking going wrong here are a list of precautions;
  • Do not give online banking passwords to anyone
  • Ensure bank cards are kept in safe areas
  • Do not save bank card details on computers without antivirus software
  • Do not respond to emails claiming they are your bank. These individuals ask for banking details, which is fraudulent behaviour
  • Always log out of your online banking account after use
Some betting websites will allow you to save your banking details to the website to allow for easy access to deposits. It is essential to ensure that you have a fully up to date anti-virus software system, as you may be hacked and money can be taken from your account. These precautions will allow for easy risk-free online banking and transfers to online betting websites. These online banking and online betting websites tend to have high levels of security and the only way your account can be hacked is through the means mentioned above.

Advantages of Bank Transfers

The advantages of Bank transfers are far more beneficial than the other outlets out there in terms of security. Pundits tend to use online bank transfers to transfer large sums of money to the online betting websites, due to the higher limits of money transferred and extra security provided. Further advantages are;
  • It does not cost you money to carry out a bank transfer
  • There are higher to no limits to the amount you can deposit
  • The security level of online banking is one of the highest levels of security.
Online gambling websites tend to make an exception to applying fees to online bank transfers. This is due to the low levels of administration required for online bank transfers. This tends to make pundits want to deposit through the means of online bank transfers when higher sums of money are involved. There are higher deposit limits for some websites which allow individuals to deposit hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of money to their online betting websites. This tends to attract a higher portion of people to the online industry.

How to start using online bank transfers for online betting

The online banking industry has made it very easy for people to open accounts and begin online banking. Here are a few steps to get you on your way to online banking, and bank transfers for online betting.
  • Open a banking account with the bank of your choice
Once you have opened the account you can head over to the banks’ website to register for an online banking account. This will link the account you just opened, to give you online banking access
  • Create an online betting account. One that accepts bank transfers as a depositing method.
Obtain the banking details of your booker maker to where you want the money to be transferred. Ensure you also obtain the reference number for your account so that the New Jersey bookmaker knows which betting account to put the money in.
  • Log into your online banking account, and input all the details of the booker maker and ensure that the funds you want to deposit are correct.
  • Transfer the money and wait up to 48 hours for the full processing of the transaction from the bank and online betting company.
  • Begin placing your bets.

How to Withdraw Funds Through Online Banking

It is very easy to withdraw funds from an online banking website. The online betting websites tend to make it extremely straightforward for withdrawals to be carried out through online bank transfers. You will need to log into your online betting account and look for the withdrawal icon. From here it will give you the option to withdraw via online bank transfer. All you will need to do is input your personal online bank account details and press the confirm button. The funds will be processed and on your personal account, which can take up to 10 working days.

In Conclusion

If you are looking to transfer funds to an online betting website, using online bank transfers will be the most secure way for you to move your money. There are many other ways such as using your visa debit card or using PayPal. However, those processes don’t provide the same level of security that you will gain from an online bank transfer. The zero transaction fees coupled up with no limit to your deposits make online bank transfers one of the best ways to send money to bookmakers and begin your sports betting journey.

Online Banking FAQs

  • What are the fees for transferring to online betting websites through online bank transfers?

    Typically, the online betting company will not charge a fee for you to carry out an online banking transaction to their websites. However, in some cases, they might charge a few reaching a maximum of $25
  • Am I allowed to use bank transfers in New Jersey?

    Yes, you are. There are limited companies which allow bank transfers for sports betting as it is relatively new and expansion in the industry has not been carried out now.
  • Is there a deposit limit?

    No there are not. Typically, sports betting websites allow people to deposit however much money they want through online bank transfers, as it attracts a higher portion of people to the website.
  • Is my money secure with an online bank transfer?

    Yes, they are. The banks have a very high level of security. A lot of security checks are carried out by the banks before the money is sent.