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XFL Sports Betting: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s why you need to get started with XFL betting


With the beginning of the new decade, there is an endless list of activities and events sports lovers like you should be excited about. There is the Olympics, the Vietnam Grand Prix, and of course, the Super Bowl. But did you know there’s another big event that you should be pumped for? 

The return of the XFL

This sports league has managed to seize the attention of many fanatics around the world as it gives viewers the option to sit out of the NFL and to showcase what the future of football has in store. Moreover, betting has never been easier; meaning, you can sit back, relax, and watch your favorite teams battle it out while earning extra income. 

In this article, I’m going to tell you all about betting with the XFL.

What Is The XFL?

Short for Xtreme Football League, the XFL has been set to play its first season in 2020. The opening of the first game took place on Saturday, February 8th, and has been steadily growing, and has attracted an average audience of 2.9 Million in its first week.

The eight teams playing are:

  • St. Louis Battlehawks
  • New York Guardians
  • Seattle Dragons
  • Los Angeles WildCats
  • Houston Roughnecks
  • Dallas Renegades
  • D.C. Defenders
  • Tampa Bay Vipers

The XFL was launched by Vince McMahon, a veteran in the industry, who still stands as the CEO of WWE. Additionally, the XFL can be viewed on ABC, ESPN, Fox, Fox Sports 1 as well as Fox Sports 2.

When Did the XFL Start?

What many experts often miss out on when talking about the XFL, is that its original launch was in 2001, but had unexpectedly failed after just one season.

I personally remember the launch of the XFL — I was wearing my San Francisco Demons t-shirt for the premier, but due to poor planning the XFL was short-lived.

Until now…

The Return of The XFL

Currently, the XFL has been exceeding the promises and expectations of its many fans, thanks to McMahon’s plans of bringing forth a more genuine and authentic experience to the sport of football.


The lessons learned prior to the current XFL success is evident in which many of the previous characteristics and traits of the league that made it fail, were much improved in what we see today. One of the more notable changes is that more money is being invested into the up and coming games of the XFL.

Where Is the XFL Today?

Sadly, the league has decided to end its first season early, due to the coronavirus outbreak that took many citizens by surprise as of late. This shows that even though the XFL has been hitting many successes as of late, there are still some aspects it isn’t in control of.

Nevertheless, the XFL has been doing relatively well in terms of viewership, and TV ratings, as well as the warm reception by sports fans around the world.

XFL Expansion

As of now, the expansion doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon. Nonetheless, as more sports fans and supporters flock towards the XFL, we might be seeing expansions in the coming few years.

Some of the few cities that the XFL might be looking to expand into would be Nevada, Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan, Toronto, and Oakland, due to the cities’ huge fanbases, and unique stadiums.

What Does the Future Hold For The XFL?

If the recent success of the XFL is a testament to anything, it should be that it will indeed prosper with viewership. Purely based on viewership, the XFL has reached the goals and expectations of both fans and investors, and at this rate, with enough money to fund the league, and supporters to back the players, we can only be seeing more breakthroughs and records the XFL will accomplish.

What this means for fans is more expansions into different cities as well as more mainstream support of the league despite its downfall in 2001.

Why bet on the XFL?

One of the main appeals of XFL sports betting is the sheer adrenaline that rushes through your veins every game, hoping that your favorite team brings home the win. Furthermore, XFL sports betting isn’t all about luck; it is a game of skill and patience, that if done correctly, could provide for some extra savings.

Betting for many has allowed them to earn thousands and even millions for the most profound few, such as the acclaimed figure, Billy Walters, who is mostly known as a professional gambler, that attained a net worth of USD $100 million alongside his other business ventures. Since the XFL has only just launched, you can get on at the ground floor and develop a strategy before any other betters.

XFL betting also allows viewers at home to be immersed in the sport and also provides a plethora of entertainment benefits and fun to be had, all while earning money. And when you’ve struck gold betting, you can be thrilled with your newly developed betting strategy (or luck!) and indulge when splurging, knowing you’ve successfully made profit predicting the unthinkable.

Should I Bet on the XFL or NFL?

For years, the NFL has been the go-to for football sports betting, due to the popularity of the league and the reputation it has gained over the years.

Now is the best time to capitalize on betting on the XFL as the league has only just begun, and many rules and processes have yet to be implemented, meaning betters can take advantage of those will it lasts.

Now is the best time to bet on the XFL and gain an advantage while bookies figure out more procedures to be set, and strategies aren’t as saturated. Furthermore, brokers are seeking to get your attention to use their service, with the coming of the new league, meaning bigger, more competitive payout profits!


In my own opinion, with extensive research and from what the analytics show us, betting on the XFL allows for sports fans like you and me to achieve better payouts and a chance to better amplify our strategies when coming into the first few seasons.

What Sets XFL Sports Betting Apart?

One of the main selling points of XFL sports betting is how easy it is to learn. Football has been around for decades and currently stands as the most popular sports people bet on, meaning free online guides and communities that are widely available & ready to help you if you come across any adversity.

The chances are, you already are familiarized with the sport, and this gives you the upper hand when compared to lesser-known sports where you would have to completely study the different strategies and which teams to bet on.

The Future of XFL Sports Betting

Betting has long been associated with football, and if history were to predict anything, it would be that the XFL sports betting as a whole will increase at a tremendous rate once it becomes more mainstream.

This is due to the fact that millions are already familiarized with how football betting works, and the XFL provides a great alternative to NFL betting.

Therefore, investing time and effort into studying how games work, will definitely work out better for you in the future when XFL sports betting reaches new heights.

Let’s get started

Gone are the days where betting was all just based on pure luck. These days, there are numerous strategies that you can incorporate when betting, allowing you to develop your approaches and bring home a heftier stack.

Especially now the Xtreme Football League has played its first season, you can gain better advantage from others as you set foot first, and research about the various tactics you can incorporate when analyzing the odds.

XFL Betting FAQ

  • How much should I bet on the XFL as a first-timer?

    As a first-timer that hasn't yet been familiarized with the procedures of betting, I would recommend not more than $100. However, once you've grown accustomed as to how XFL sports betting works, you might want to double, triple, or even quadruple the typical amount you usually bet at. Keep in mind that most brokers give you more bonuses when betting more.
  • Will the XFL be shut down again?

    As of now, no. If anything, the XFL has been seen to be pushing forward without any problems. Therefore, you can rest assured, knowing that investing time and effort into studying how the games work, and the various strategies, will eventually pay off.
  • How much can I win from XFL sports betting?

    There is no limit on how much you can take home from a day's winnings. As you invest more, you receive a considerable amount back each time you win as well. Likewise, with most bets, the riskier bets you take, the more you can earn.
  • Should I try XFL sports betting?

    Yes! Whether you are an avid viewer who tunes in to your local sports channel, or an enthusiast who supports your favorite team as much as possible, betting on these teams allows you to gain a new sense of excitement and make a few bucks on the side. Who knows if you'll strike it big?!