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Value Bets in Online Sports Betting

Here’s how to find and make value bets to get the edge every bettor is looking for


One of the most challenging things to explain to bettors who are just starting out is the concept of value betting. Cost, risk, profit — these are the three things you need to consider when it comes to a value bet.

Once you understand value betting, you’ll be set up for success. Even though this may seem like common sense to a veteran bettor, for the inexperienced newbies, it’s not. I know when I started online sports betting, it was difficult to wrap my head around value betting.

Becoming skilled at wagering your hard-earned money on teams that no one believes will win can feel a bit like learning how to repel down the outer surface of a building — you reach a point where you’ll have to let go and have confidence in yourself!

In this article, I want to give you the confidence you need in order to place value bets. Let’s get started!

Bookmakers odds

Bookmakers are tasked with making the odds for thousands of lines, bets, and markets. All these are meant for numerous different teams as well as individual players to win, lose, or draw a match. There are of course other kinds of bets, but these are the most common.

Occasionally, some bookmakers will provide odds better than those offered by competitor bookmakers. That is, different bookmakers will have different odds. They normally do this to entice more clients and get more players betting on the given team, market, player, or event.


Every now and then, bookmakers will make simple blunders on a special match or event and provide extraordinarily great odds for a rather predictable outcome. We normally forget that the people who make the odds are human beings like us and can at times make mistakes. Oddsmakers also utilize data and information to help determine the odds they offer.

Value Bets

So, what is a value bet? Just as the name implies, a value bet is simply a bet whereby the possibility of a given outcome is better than what the bookmakers odds on offer suggest.

It sounds confusing but when value betting, you’ll be making wagers that have a higher likelihood of winning than indicated by the bookmaker odds. That means you’ll have an advantage over the bookmaker.

Value bets explained

You need to look for percentages. For instance, say a given soccer team wins 30% of their matches while playing at home. The likelihood percentage of the team winning converted to decimal odds would be 3.33. This is equivalent to 7/3 fractional odds.

Therefore, if you made a $20 wager on the team and they emerged victorious, you’d earn an extra $46. In spite of this, you need to understand that value bets aren’t just based on only one match. You’ve got to look at the bigger picture.

Let’s say a league season has 10 games and you place a $20 wager on Sheffield United who has a 30% win percentage. This implies that you’ll lose 7 out of the 10 wagers. What is more, you’d break even as you’ll lose your $20 wager 7 times and win $46 three times. $46 multiplied by 3 equals to $138. This is almost equal to the precise amount you’d have lost on the other wagers. So, looking at the risk and reward we can determine this isn’t a value bet.

Now let’s look if the odds of Sheffield United winning while playing at home were 4.00 decimal (which is 3/1 fractional). Three wins at 3/2 for a $20 wager would bring you a profit of $60 each. $60 multiplied by 3 wins equals $180 worth of profit. Alternatively, when you consider the 7 losses of $20 each on the remaining games, you’d be up $40. Therefore, it’s for you to decide whether the cost, risk, and benefits are sufficient to stick to this as a value bet.

How to Identify value bets

Finding value bets is easier said than done. Just like all valuable things, it will take you time and effort. But I want to make it as easy as possible for you, so here’s what you need to do.

1.  Never favor the favorites

Always bear in mind that you’re controlled by the odds on offer. Betting on favorites every time is not a strategy. Why am I saying so? Being that they are favorites implies you’re more likely to win, right? Yes indeed.

However, you must be aware that the bookmakers will also place smaller odds on them than what the actual likelihood of them emerging winners is. That’s just how bookmakers develop their edge.

Let’s look at an example.

You’re never receiving straight odds on Barcelona to win. However, you’re making a bet that the other possible outcomes (draw or win) for Tottenham don’t come about. You’re at all times playing against the odds. Moreover, since the bookmakers would like the highest possible number of bettors to back the favorite, they will ensure the winning margins are low.

For instance:

Using a match between Barcelona and Tottenham where:

Barcelona FC 3/7, Draw 4/1, Tottenham 7/3.

This when converted to probability implies:

Barcelona 70%, Draw 29%, and Tottenham 30%

When you add the percentages together that’s a total of 129%. This implies that the extra 29% on top is the bookmaker’s edge. They are providing lowball odds on Barcelona emerging winners. Let’s say 200 bettors made a $20 bet on Barcelona winning, 90 bettors made $20 on a draw and 75 made $20 bet on Tottenham to win. That means the bookmaker has taken in $7300. Let’s look a little deeper.

¼  Barcelona emerging winners:

This will be 1.43 x $4000 = $5720. This leaves a $1580 profit out of the $5720 total stake on the game.


A draw would imply a payout of 3.85 x $1800 = $6930. This leaves the bookmaker with an overall profit of 370 on the game. The same applies when Tottenham wins where the bookmaker will have an overall profit of $2350.

From this example, you can now understand how the bookmaker earns lots of cash when bettors go for the favorites. That money is money that is going to the bookmaker, not money going into your pocket.

2.  Approximate likelihoods

Always ensure you do as much betting analysis research as you can. This will enable you to grasp odds as well as the actual value attached to them. One of the best ways through which you can assess value bets is by computing the implicit likelihood of an event taking place.

You can do this by looking at past statistics of the teams. Like with the Sheffield United example above, the results could be based on the win percentages they put out over the last five seasons.

Mastering Value betting will increase profits.

All the same, you have to understand that nothing is set in stone. Given that their win percentage is 30% doesn’t imply they will win just 30% of the time. With the 10-game scenario, let’s say they lost all 5 of their games away from home and won 4 at home. It wouldn’t take a lot tipping the balance to a better win for you, in case they were to get one win on the move. This would take their final percentage to 40%.

Also, you can take into account numerous other factors too, like the number of first-team players out with injuries, their performance in the last five matches, and if the team also plays during midweek. All these factors can affect the major league results.

3.  Odds probabilities

You can always compute probabilities from the odds. Let’s say the odds of a team winning a match were at 3/1. That doesn’t mean that they have a 50/50 chance of winning. Remember soccer has three outcomes. This simply implies that you have a 75% chance of losing.

The bookmaker’s odds can never be stacked evenly. They are never going to offer even money on two evenly matched badminton players competing. For instance, one of them may perhaps be 4/7 and this is where the bookmaker edge comes in. You can always change the bookmaker odds on offer to probability. That is the likelihood the bookmakers are setting.

We can use the formula A/B which stands for fractional odds. So, the probability is B divided by A+B then multiplied by 100%. Using that to work out the probability of 3/5 odds would be.

A + B which is 3 + 5 = 8

Then take 5 and divide by 8 = 0.625

Take 0.625 and multiply by 100%.

This gives us a 62.5% probability.

In conclusion

We know that online sports betting is fun, but we think if you are betting, you should also be winning money. And one way to do this is by finding and placing value bets. We hope this article helps you make some value bets on your own.

Value Betting FAQ

  • Where can I find value bets?

    You can always find value bets in any market. Like a hidden treasure, you've got to look out for them to find them. But if you’re well acquainted with the event, individual, or team that you’re wagering on you’ll have your own personal map and compass. Essentially, you need to look for odds that are, in your opinion based on your research and knowledge, wrong.
  • What kinds of sports have value betting?

    In pretty much any sports betting that we talk about on Betting Guide New Jersey, you can find value bets. Make sure to view our other pages to see where you can make your value bets.
  • Is making value bets the only strategy I can use to get the upper-hand?

    No! We have many guides and articles all about how you can get the edge with your online betting. Make sure to add Betting Guide New Jersey to your favorites because we are always adding helpful articles to help bettors like you.

6 Effective Tips for Filling Out Your March Madness Bracket

Here’s how to get the best out of your bracket


It’s that time of the year again. College basketball fans are filling their March Madness brackets and hoping for a win. However, many of them are going to end up with disappointing results.

It’s no secret that filling out a winning NCAA bracket is hard, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. With some expert advice, you might find the odds being in your favor this time around.

Many have dissected NCAA tournaments for decades in hopes of finding a winning bracket formula. Unfortunately, no one is yet to discover a secret winning formula. Nonetheless, we can dip into past results and come up with some great strategies that will work wonders.

There are several strategies and tips for filling out your March Madness bracket. I am going to share some of them with you below. I understand that you might have your preferred strategy, but these tips are great to keep in mind. Let’s get started!

1.  Be cautious with No. 1 seeds

One of the top things to do when filling your bracket is choosing the final four. When doing this, it might be tempting to send all the No. 1 seeds to the final four. After all, they are among the best teams in the tournament. However, you should be cautious with these top seed teams.

Since seeding began in 1979, there have been rare occasions when all the No. 1 seeds made it to the penultimate round. In fact, this has only happened once in 2008. So, don’t be tempted to go chalk on your bracket; chances are odds won’t be in your favor.

2.  Don’t forget to include upsets

There is one big reason why the NCAA Tournament is referred to as March Madness — upsets. For me at least, they are the best and most exciting part of college hoops.

The modern tournament comprising 64 teams has been around since 1985. In 28 of those tournaments, there have been between 10 to 16 upsets where a lower-ranked team beat a higher ranked team (with at least two or more seeds). So, if you are looking to create a great bracket, I would advise you to include a few upsets.

That being said, you don’t want to go crazy when choosing your upsets, even if that’s the spirit of March Madness. Too many or poorly chosen upsets will only leave your bracket limping in the early rounds of the tournament.

So, one of my best tips for filling out your March Madness bracket is to be strategic and pick teams with your mind. For example, it would be a bad idea to choose No. 16 over No. 1 seed upset; it has happened only once in 2018 UMBC vs. Virginia. 15-2 upsets are also rare, and thus choosing is only likely to spoil your bracket.

So, which are the best upsets to choose from? The 12 seeds vs. 5 seeds upsets are amongst the most popular and with good reason. Since 1985, there have been 50 such upsets in the first round of the tournament, a 35.7% chance of occurring.

Nevertheless, despite being popular, 12-5 upsets are not the only ones you should consider. In fact, there are other matchups that can give you a much better chance. For example, 11-6 upsets have occurred 52 times (37.1%) with 10-7 upsets having the highest occurrence at 55 times (39.3%). I would advise you to consider all these matchups for a better chance of picking winning upsets.

3.  Pick top teams for the final round and national champion

I have talked about the drawbacks of picking all No. 1 seeds for the Final Round. So, does this mean that you can choose any team? The answer is a resounding no! While having only No. 1 seeds in the final round is a bad idea, so is having a lower-seeded team, or even failing to pick a No. 1 seed.

Another thing to consider, Final Round picks are the key to a winning bracket; no one has ever won one without the right picks. So, how do you pick them correctly? Well, I would start by recommending that you pick at least one or more No. 1 seeded team.

In the last 34 tournaments, No. 1 seeds have only failed to make it to the top-four 2 times. On the other hand, there have been one No. 1 seed in 15 tournaments, and two No. 1 seeds in 13 tournaments. On top of that, 18 out of 26 of the last tournament champions have been No. 1 seeds.

So, when making your pick for the Final Four, I would recommend two No. 1, seeded teams. The rest two should come from other favorite top-seeded teams, with the best option being to limit No. 1 to No. 4 seeds.

4.  Go with statistics, not your gut

Basketball, baseball, football…we always talk about this when talking about sports betting. March Madness is the hardest sporting event in the world to predict. For example, the 2018 No. 16 vs. No. 1 upsets, 2011 No. 11 vs. No. 8 final face-off, or the 1985 No. 8 championship wins were almost impossible to predict. Therefore, picking a winning bracket is almost pure luck.

Unfortunately, when luck comes into play, many people start picking teams based on their gut feeling, or their favorites. While there is no sure-fire strategy for filling a March Madness bracket, I wouldn’t advise you to do so based on your gut or heart.

Instead, I would encourage you to look at statistics. Filling a bracket based on statistics gives you a much better chance of winning. It takes feelings and blind betting out of the equation, leaving you with realistic picks.

5.  Research extensively

Research! Research! Research! That’s what sports betting is all about. With 68 teams battling it out in a single-elimination tournament, research is even more important.

So, before you start filling out your bracket, sit down and do your homework. Read our other articles. Also, watch college basketball experts as they dissect the tournament. Be sure to also look at how various teams performed in the conference tournament and the regular season.

On top of that, it is a good idea to keep up-to-date with the happenings of the various teams. Coach and player changes are a huge insight that can help you make correct picks.

6.  Consider early exits

Now, I have talked about being strategic with upsets and avoiding betting on low vs. top-seeded teams. However, you also watch out for possible early exits and include them in your bracket.

In the last 26 tournaments, a top-seeded team (1-4) has lost in the first round 23 times. In 14 of these tournaments, these major upsets have occurred at least twice. A No. 2 or 3 seeded team has fallen out of the March Madness in either first or second round, since 2005 (except for 2009).

The trick, however, is picking the right team for the honor of early exit. Only thing is, this is a daunting task. For example, very few people could have bet on UMBC vs Virginia upset in 2018.


So, how do you pick these upsets? This is where research comes into play. Look for top-seeded teams that have weaknesses and take them into account. For example, the injury of key players. It is also an excellent idea to look at the strengths of lower-seeded teams. For example, UMBC had made key changes in their technical bench and team line-up in the years preceding their historical win.


Looking to avoid another bracket bust in the upcoming NCAA tournament? This is the dream of every college hoops fan. However, it is a task that has proven to be daunting over the years. Luckily, the above are some of the top tips for filling out your March Madness bracket. With these tips, you can increase your chances of creating a perfect bracket.

NCAA March Madness FAQs

  • My March Madness Bracket has bust! What now?

    So your bracket has busted? Don't worry; this is a common reality that most betters have to come to terms within every NCAA tournament. However, you can still make money from the tournament. There are several other betting opportunities, such as betting on single games with point spreads, Over/Under on the combined score, futures bets, and props bets.
  • What are my chances of getting a perfect bracket?

    1 in 9.2 quintillions. In other words, it is almost impossible to choose a completely perfect bracket, and it has never happened. The record-breaking March Madness bracket stands at 49 correct games. So, instead of focusing on just the bracket, it is a good idea to mix it with single games bets.
  • How much does seeding affect the outcome of March Madness matches?

    Performance is the main criteria used for seeding in the NCAA tournament. Therefore, the higher a team’s seed, the better the chance of winning. However, that being said, March Madness is full of upsets. Therefore, as much as seeding is important when filing your bracket, it is also good to consider other factors such as prior performance, team line ups, etc.

Coronavirus and online betting — a match made in heaven?

Here’s how Coronavirus is shaking up the online betting world.


Watching Netflix, indulging in your exquisite music taste, or shopping online, these are all activities you can take part in while being self-quarantined at home with your TV and electronic devices. Alongside these activities is one of my favorites — online sports betting.

Despite all the major sports leagues having to shut down due to Coronavirus, there have been new ways for you to bet during your stay at home like betting on the actual Coronavirus and what it’s doing to the world.

In this article, I’ll tell you how the sports betting scene has been affected by the pandemic, why you should take part in online sports betting right now, the different ways to participate in online betting, and a plethora more!

How has Coronavirus impacted sporting events?

The coronavirus has affected and impacted sports in an unprecedented manner; many popular sporting events that fans have been anticipating for years have been unfortunately canceled or postponed. Some of which include:

  • The Olympic Games were planned to be held in Tokyo in 2020, but they were postponed until Summer 2021.
  • The NBA has suspended its current season as of now after a player tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • The NHL has temporarily suspended its hockey season.
  • Many more major sporting events such as Formula 1, The London Marathon, MLB, PGA, and others have all been abruptly suspended.

This goes to show that the sports industry has taken a huge hit and has lost billions… so far.

How has Coronavirus affected online sports betting?

In light of the recent events regarding Coronavirus, the online sports betting industry has taken a huge hit, as sporting events are unable to be held; meaning no games to bet on, which equates to a detrimental loss for the coming few months.

Stock prices have plummeted, and sports bettors are cutting back on their daily bets, which all negatively affect online sports betting sites.


Needless to say, the online sports betting sector has been heavily affected through millions of dollars lost in the process, while having to still entice customers to come back.

Nevertheless, there are still methods and strategies you can implement to help you earn a hefty income during these tough times when quarantined at home that will be showcased below!

Should you bet online despite the Coronavirus?


Despite the current ongoing issues, there are still numerous ways you can take home a substantial profit. Online betting sites offer fantasy sports betting, as well as different styles of betting, such as allowing customers to participate in coronavirus betting, which refers to predicting which events will be canceled, or predicting which countries will be affected. You can even bet on the chance of Donald Trump’s reelection.

These odd and bizarre times may seem like the worst time to start a new hobby or to embark on an uncertain adventure. However, most serious bettors will take a different perspective instead, and look for lucrative opportunities during these harsh times.

Why participate in coronavirus betting?

With the rise of new games and events to bet on, you can devise profitable strategies and methods. For instance, you could gain leverage when Coronavirus betting by constantly updating yourself on local news. You can also look further into scientific predictions and numbers to adjust what you bet on and what you think is the best prediction.

While the stock market is declining rapidly and the economy fluctuating, wagering on Coronavirus isn’t as bad as it sounds after all; with sufficient research and interest in making a solid income during the current virus, you might just come out on top!

Why take part in online betting when in quarantine?

Sports betting acts as not only something that allows you to seamlessly pass time when feeling bored but also as a hobby that could prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Right now is the best time to learn and participate in online sports betting as bookies and betting sites are offering more incentives for betting on their sites, as they are looking to attract more customers especially since the numbers are tanking as of late, due to Coronavirus.

Moreover, instead of watching TV, playing games, eating, and sleeping, you could dedicate a few hours to learn how odds work, how betting sites operate, and anything else that will give you the edge with your next bets. Make sure to check out our betting guides to do so.

Types of Coronavirus betting

 There are numerous betting opportunities that have arisen due to the coronavirus, such as:

  • betting on which country, continent, or cities will be affected
  • betting on which events will be canceled due to the virus
  • betting on how world leaders will react to the virus

There are many other ways to bet on Coronavirus. In fact, if Coronavirus is going to affect something, then the chances are there’s some way to bet on it. I personally have made some wild bets lately that I never thought I would make in a million years. It’s all about looking for the opportunity.

Benefits of coronavirus betting


One of the main benefits of coronavirus betting is the ability to strategically create plans and being able to heavily research on the topic; as it is a rapidly changing subject and odds fluctuate heavily, you can take advantage of this by spending more time researching and refining your approach and perspective each time you place a bet.

Another advantage is that information is widely available. Here at Betting Guide New Jersey, we have guides about all kinds of sports like baseball betting, soccer betting, and boxing betting to teach you how to bet. But sometimes finding the right stats to develop your strategy is time-consuming. If you’re a news junkie like I am, you probably have all the information you need to know to get started betting on Coronavirus.

Is coronavirus betting profitable?

If you are good!

Spending a few hours scouring the web and finding which events and countries that are going to be affected, might just be your best investment yet! Just like other forms of betting, there will still be risks, but there still are high chances of profiting large chunks of money from the pandemic while staying in quarantine using your smartphone or laptop.

Why now is the best time to bet online

Apart from the endless incentives given for joining online betting websites right now, online betting sites also allow you to seamlessly and effortlessly place bets from the comfort of your own home.

Going out right now isn’t the safest and in some areas, prohibited. Furthermore, betting online has become much more secure, competitive, convenient over the years and might even be the go-to way to place bets in the next few years.

So right now when there’s an abundance of time on your hands, you should definitely stay productive, and sharpen your online betting skills, try out Coronavirus betting, and continue your money-making journey in the vast world of online betting!

In conclusion

Amid the current issues with the virus, and for most of us, having to work at home, being able to take advantage of technology is what sets this pandemic apart from others; utilizing it to participate in online betting offers for fun and immersive experiences, that can earn you some much-needed cash in these tough times.

Heavyweight Boxing


Over the past 5 years, heavyweight boxing has been creeping back into the public eye. Pundits will say “Heavyweight boxing is back” and we welcome it.

There is something about watching 2 big men lacing up the gloves and swinging at each other for 12 rounds. Betting online with boxing can excite fans because you don’t know if or when a knock out will come. In heavyweight boxing, knockouts are a must. 

Here we will talk through the top heavyweights and the best type of bets to place on them. We will tell you about their styles, and the best bets to make to win. So let’s start with our very own heavyweight here in America and give you the best online betting strategies and tips. 

The Types of Boxing Bets Online 

There are lots of different bets you can make in boxing. Some of these bets are; 

  • Money line 
  • Over and Under
  • Winning Method
  • Winning Round 
  • Live Betting 
  • Winning Group of Rounds

Those are the types of bets you can make, but you need to look into the type of boxers you’re looking to make your online bets on. Here are some main boxers you’ll come across in the heavyweight division. 

Deontay “The Bronze Bomber,” Wilder 

Deontay Wilder is one of the most devastating punchers in the division. His record speaks for itself, with 43-0-1 with 41 knockouts. He has the highest knockout percentage of all time. His fighting style is very simplistic. Some pundits call him a “one-trick pony” but that one trick has got him 41 knockouts.

The right hand is his biggest weapon. If that right-hand lands, then it’s light outs for his opponent. When he fights lower-level fighters, he gets knockouts in the early rounds. When he fights the more elite-level fighters, his knockouts come in the later rounds. 

Strategies for Online Betting on Deontay Wilder  

The logical bet to make on Wilder is to bet on a knockout. He’s so likely to get a knockout that the odds aren’t too great for these types of bets. Wilder has only been 12 rounds two times in his whole career. As such, he’s very unlikely to go 12 rounds, this makes odds the high for him to go the distance and win. Round betting on Wilder is hard because he holds power for the whole fight. But it’s a good idea to pick earlier rounds because he knocks out most of his opponents early. 

Tyson “The Gypsy King,” Fury 


Tyson Fury was named after the legend Mike Tyson. Fury’s fighting style is slick for a heavyweight boxer. Fury holds the lineal status after he defeated Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015. He is not known for his knockouts, and some pundits say fury has “Pillow Fist”. But that is some sort of myth because fury doesn’t plant his feet when he punches.

He prefers to slip and slide and get points decision. He has done that for most of his biggest fights. His record is a perfect record with 29-0-1 where 22 of his wins coming by knockout. You might think “Wait, he’s knocked out lots of people!”. But against higher-level opposition fury rarely gets the knockout. 

Strategies for Online Betting on Tyson Fury 

Online betting on Fury can be made easy by looking at his opponent. If he is fighting an opponent that isn’t on the same skill level, he has shown that a knock out will come. Betting on a knockout against lower opposition can be rewarding.

When he fights elite-level fighters, the fight usually completes 12 rounds. Making a bet for the distance is good in these cases. Fury has an unbeaten record, so he is usually the favorite in his fights. It is good to put a Moneyline bet on fury because there is the belief that he will win against everyone he fights.  

Anthony “AJ” Joshua 

Anthony Joshua is a heavy-hitting well-rounded boxer. He holds the IBF, IBO, WBO, WBA world titles, making him the unified heavyweight champion. Joshua is another heavy-handed boxer who gets knockouts in a majority of his fights. AJ has a record of 23-1-0, where 21 of his wins are from knock out, and 2 from decision wins.

He has gone through trials and tribulations with his latest opponent where Joshua was dethroned by massive underdog Andy Ruiz. AJ is a well-polished boxer with a good inside game, where he throws a mean left hook and uppercut. There are lots of highlight reels of AJ knocking out his opponents using his inside game. He also has the ability to box on the outside and get wins this way by going the distance. 

Strategies for Online Betting on Anthony Joshua 

Anthony Joshua has shown that he has different styles and can knock his opponents out as well as go the distance. Betting online for AJ depends on his opponent once again. AJ has shown that he boxes around the ring when facing smaller quicker fighters. Against this style of an opponent, a money line bet on AJ is good because AJ keeps his distance and wins on points.

If he’s fighting a slower, taller fighter, AJ goes for the knockout win when he gets a chance. He is the type of fighter who sees blood and demolishes his opponent. A lot of AJ recent fights have gone past the 6th round. If you are looking to bet on rounds anything past the 6th round will increase your chances of winning. 

Dillian “The Body Snatcher,” Whyte 

Dillian Whyte is known for his body punching abilities. He digs those shots into the body to wear his opponent out before he gets a knockout finish. Whyte has a record of 27-1-0, where 18 of his wins come from knockouts. In recent years Whyte has shown the most progression in his boxing abilities.

Whyte is the interim WBC champion and is waiting for his world title shot. They schedule this for the early months of 2021. As it stands Dillian Whyte will face Tyson Fury for the WBC belt, however that could change if Fury loses to his next opponent. Whyte has a long reach for his height, making his jab a good weapon. He doubles his jab up and throws a mean left hook which has knocked out multiple opponents. 

Strategies for Online Betting on Dillian Whyte 

Dillian Whyte is hard to bet on because he can either go the distance by jabbing a lot or knock you out if he gets the chance. When he faces elite-level fighters, the fights usually go 12 rounds, and he gets a decision win. Dillian Whyte hasn’t lost since 2015 in his fight against Anthony Joshua.

Betting on a decision win when Dillian Whyte faces elite-level fights is a good bet. Another good bet would be late-round stoppages by Whyte as he has stopped during the later portions of the fight. 

Signs to Look Out For in Fighters When Betting Online 

There are lots of telltale signs you can look into when betting on boxers online. The heavyweight division has some easy to look into signs you can see before the fight starts. These signs can be seen in the weigh-ins and faceoffs. Fighters being nervous and twitching when they face their opponents, or the weight comes in before the fight. You can always look into these things. 

Boxers Weight 

When a heavyweight boxer comes in heavier than their usual weight, there are a few things that could be going on. He could have trained badly and is overweight. This means he’s not ready to fight. Or he’s packed on the weight to lean on his opponent and tire them during the fight. Fighters do the 2nd option when their opponent is a lot bigger than them. Looking at this can help when you make your online bets. 



A boxer’s resume is something to look at. Fighter pad a lot of resumes with low-level fighters to make the boxers look amazing with lots of knockouts. If a boxer has been on a winning streak, he’s more likely to have high confidence during his next fight and go for a winning blow.

These fighters believe they can’t lose, it gives them the confidence that they can win. Vice versa, if the boxer is in a losing streak they are likely to be low on confidence and end up losing the fight. They put a lot of journeymen against quality opposition and end up losing the fight.


Betting on boxing is predictable. There is normally always a heavy favorite and a huge underdog. It’s just how the sport works, there are hardly ever two fighters that are evenly matched.

When it happens, you can find some good odds, because the bookmakers don’t know what will happen. Ensure to check out our top listed online sportsbooks before making your bets and check out our bonuses and promotions section.